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  1. UGH! Going through this right now. I am so with you about the frustration of the Pinterest responders not listening. I’m asking direct questions about de-indexing and being given the copy and paste guidelines to good pinning. Then when reminding them about my specific question about the missing pins when searching, I was given ‘helpful’ info on how the search works. Again I had to remind them I was searching the “your pins” tab… as in searching my own pins… for pins I know I created!
    I started seeing the steady decline in impressions about two months ago but only in the last two weeks did I read about the ‘de-indexing’ issue and have been in contact with Pinterest since then.
    I am so frustrated. Trying to respond politely each time is taking a toll. Lol. Clearly I just have to keep at it and hope for the best with the de-indexing to be ‘fixed’.

    1. I am so sorry you’re dealing with this right now. Unfortunately, we are subject to Pinterest’s algorithms and their unconventional customer service. But, I hope in your case it might just take some time for your pins to be restored. I know for me, my pins were randomly restored and my impressions started going up again after a few weeks.. Hang in there. Good luck.