Surprise mom with this fun Mother’s Day Treasure hunt

We all want to do something special for our moms on Mother’s Day and this Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt is just the ticket. It’s that extra little something to show her how much you love her. Plus, kids LOVE treasure hunts. Check it out!

Mother's Day Treasure Hunt clues
Some of the clues for a treasure hunt for mom.

Mother’s Day is the one day each year that I really look forward to. It’s that day when all of your hard work as a mom gets recognized, at least for a moment. So, all you dads and kids out there, this one is for you. You need this Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt. Check it out!

Step #1: Print your Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt

This is the easy part. I’ve compiled this three-page treasure hunt into an easy-to-print 8.5×11 format. It includes an instruction page (so you know where to hide the clues) and two pages of clues (four clues per page). Click on the link below to download your PDF.

Click here to download your MOTHER’S DAY TREASURE HUNT

Everything included for the treasure hunt for Mother's Day
Everything you need for a fabulous treasure hunt.

Step #2: Cut and hide your clues

I’ve designed this treasure hunt so that you all of the clues can be hidden by common items that are found in every home. Take each clue page and cut along the dotted line until you have eight clues in total. Then, hide each of the clues as follows:

#1: Give to your mom
#2: Hide under your kitchen table
#3: Hide somewhere in the bathroom
#4: Hide in the laundry room
#5: Hide behind the TV
#6: Hide in the couch cushions
#7: Hide in the fridge
#8: Hide in the microwave
Mother’s Day Present: Hide in the car

Clues ready to be hidden around the house.

You can make this treasure hunt really hard or really easy for mom. For example, you can hide the clue that mom needs to find in the fridge inside of a container or something. Or you can hide it in plain sight. Whatever you want to do.

Mother's Day Treasure Hunt hidden inside the fridge.
Clue hidden inside the fridge.

Step #3: Surprise mom with a gift

The very last clue of the Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt will lead your mom to the car. You can wrap a present or a fun gift basket or surprise for mom and place it inside. She’s be so excited no matter what you give her. And this treasure hunt will be a guaranteed success.

Let me know how your treasure hunt goes in the comments below. Also, if you didn’t see the link to download your treasure hunt, here it is one more time.

Click here to download your MOTHER’S DAY TREASURE HUNT

Here’s some fun gift ideas that your mom might like as well:

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