Start a Friendship Basket with your LDS Young Women group today (free printable)!

If you’ve never done a Friendship Basket before, you are going to love it. This simple activity is a great way to get to know the girls in your LDS Young Women group, create unity and encourage friendship and service. Here’s how to do it.

LDS Young Women Friendship Basket
Our first Friendship Basket

When I was in Young Womens about 20+ years ago, we did Friendship Baskets every week and I loved it! Now that I am second counselor in our ward, I was excited to start this fun tradition once again. Plus it doesn’t take very much effort either. So let’s get started.

Gather your Friendship Basket supplies

First, you’ll need to choose the first person who is going to start the basket. I was the first person to start the basket in our group. I went to the Dollar Store and bought several items that showed what my hobbies and interests were. Here’s what I bought:

  • Chocolate milk (My favorite drink)
  • Lindt chocolate bar (My favorite treat)
  • Journal (I love writing)
  • Pumpkin ( I love Halloween)
  • Cereal (My favorite food)
  • Magnet and loofah (I bought those at a yard sale because I love yard sales)

Then I purchased a basket that will be re-used every week. Try to buy a small basket because you don’t want your girls to feel like they have to spend a ton of money filling it every week. Here’s some cute basket options that I found online:

LDS Young Women Friendship Basket
Items I chose for my basket.

Print your basket instructions

I wrote a cute little poem that doubles as instructions for the Friendship Basket. You can download and print a free PDF of the instructions by clicking on the link below.

Click here for your FREE Friendship Basket Printable Instructions

Just cut out the instructions and glue them to a colored cardstock and place it in the basket. These instructions should remain in the basket each time a new person receives it. That way, the girl’s mom can read the instructions and understand what is required.

Write names to draw for next time

Make a list of names of all the leaders and young women in your class. Cut the names into strips and put them in a bag. When the time came to present and give away my basket, I took just a couple of minutes and showed everyone the items inside. Then, I reached inside my bag of names and pulled out one name. I gave my basket to her and she was so excited. It was then her responsibility to fill the basket and bring it the next time we meet.

Make sure you don’t put that name back in the bag. Eventually, there will be no names left in the bag and then you start all over again.

LDS Young Women Friendship Basket
One of the many names awaiting to be drawn for our basket.

What other fun get-to-know you games do you play with the girls in your Young Women group? Leave your comments below.

Here’s the link to the instructions one more time:

Click here for your FREE Friendship Basket Printable Instructions

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