Airplane packing checklist for flying with kids and a baby

Flying with kids can be super stressful but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about packing the right stuff BEFORE you leave. Trust me, your hard work and preparation will pay off when you’re relaxed and stress-free on the airplane. Here’s the ultimate airplane packing list to get you started.

Our family standing next to all our suitcases, ready for our flight.

We decided to fly to Costa Rica with our four boys and our baby. It was the first time flying in an airplane with our entire family. I have to admit, I was a little bit stressed out about it. Fortunately, I packed all the right stuff to keep my kids happy for the entirety of the journey. Here’s what I packed.

What to pack in the kids’ suitcases

Let’s be real, when flying with kids, the most important item is some kind of electronic device that can entertain them for literally hours. There’s no screen limit when it comes to traveling for the sanity of all involved. But I do have some other items that are pretty important as well. Check it out:

What to pack in the baby’s suitcase

We flew on American Airlines and they allow you to bring one extra bag for an infant that will be sitting on your lap. Plus, they also allow you to check a stroller and a car seat at no additional cost. This is pretty standard practice across the board for most airlines. Here’s what I packed in my baby’s bag:

While we were on the plane, the stewardess gave us some milk, which was a life-saver. We also wrapped our baby up and put her down for a nap underneath the chair in front of us on the floor. She slept for like an hour and a half! She got a little fussy towards the end but overall it wasn’t bad.

Things to pack when flying with a baby.
Items that I packed in my baby’s diaper bag.

What mom should pack in her bag

Beside the obvious essentials that everyone needs to pack when flying with kids, moms need to pack a few extra things for there kids. Here’s what I packed in my bag:

  • Extra snacks for my kids
  • Emergency tantrum candy
  • Umbrella
  • Small pack of bandaids
  • Chewing gum (to help kids pop their ears when the plane takes off)
  • Passports/COVID vaccination cards
  • Mini hand sanitizer
  • Extra face masks
  • Chapstick
  • Small travel purse (I like to keep this close to me at all time to keep my credit card, ID and flight itinerary)
  • Extra cash
Flying with kids
Items that I packed in my bag for my kids

Hopefully this list will help you while you are flying with kids on your next trip. What other items did I miss that aren’t on the lists above? Leave comments below. Here’s a video I made that sums everything up. Enjoy!

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