Bubble gum book chart: A printable reading chart for kids

Reading is such an important part of our kids’ education, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right motivation. Until now! This bubble gum book chart is the perfect printable reading chart for kids. They’ll actually get excited about reading. Check it out.

Bubble Gum Book Chart ready to be filled in

I am not very good at getting my kids excited about reading, that’s why I created this cute printable reading chart for kids. This colorful bubble gum chart allow your kids to set their own goals and mark them off as they go. Plus they get a prize at the end! Check it out.

Print your Bubble Gum Book Chart

I designed this printable reading chart for kids so you can print it on standard 8.5×11 paper. You can print it in full color or black and white. Just click on the link below to print yours right now.

Click here to print your Bubble Gum Book Chart

Fill out your reading goals

Your child can write his or her name on the chart and then write down a reading goal. For example, maybe your child wants to read one short book per day or just read 20 minutes every day. Whatever your child’s goals may be, it helps to write it down as a daily reminder.

Printable reading chart for kids
Wrtie down a reading goal on your chart.

Fill in the gum balls

Each day, as your child accomplishes his reading goal, he can color in a gum ball with a colored marker. Once all of the gum balls have been filled in, he gets a prize! There are 30 gumballs in the machine, so it will take your child about a month to finish. Here’s some fun ideas for a prize:

Printable reading chart for kids
Filling in the gum balls for reading.

This printable reading chart for kids is also perfect for teachers. You can give one to each of your students and keep track of their progress in the classroom. Another fun idea is to purchase a real gumball machine and reward your students with a gumball for accomplish certain reading goals to coincide with the chart.

Fill in your bubble gums with lots of different colors.

I hope you enjoy this fun bubble gum reading chart. Let me know how your kids or your students like it in the comments below. Here’s a link to the printable one more time if you didn’t see it above.

Click here to print your Bubble Gum Book Chart

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